Vibrating Fork Level Switch

When material touches the fork tines, it effectively damps the mechanical vibrations. This-way material de-tunes the tuning fork off its resonance. This lack of resonance causes fall of amplitude as seen by electronics inside the LSV level limit switch. Which then generates presence of material signal at its output.

We offers :

  • Integral Models with Truely Universal Power Supply & DPDT relay output.
  • 12VDC to 80VDC
  • 12VAC to 260VAC
  • PNP DC with 12VDC to 60VDC
  • Two Wire Loop Powered 8/16mA to lessen the wiring cost and implement faster automation
  • IP68 Enclosure for all integral models.
  • Remote Model with 80VAC to 260VAC Universal Power Supply
  • Upto max 4 simultenous SPDT relays when required.
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