RTD, PT100

Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) -Principle of Operation, Materials, Configuration and Benefits. An RTD(resistance temperature detector) is a temperature sensor that operates on the measurement principle that a material's electrical resistance changes with temperature.

An RTD is a temperature sensor which measures temperature using the principle that the resistance of a metal changes with temperature. ... This resistance value is then correlated to temperature based upon the known resistance characteristics of the RTD element.


  • Sensor Type: 2 Wire / 3 Wire / 4 Wire
  • Wiring Configurations: Simplex / Duplex
  • Detectors: PT100 / PT1000
  • Class: Class-A / Class-B / 1/3 DIN / 1/10 DIN
  • Termination: Terminal Block / Transmitter / Indicator / Cable
  • Temperature Range: -200°C to + 600°C
RTD  resistance temperature detector