PID Controller

A proportional–integral–derivative controller (PID controller or three-term controller) is a control loop feedback mechanism widely used in industrial control systems and a variety of other applications requiring continuously modulated control.

The DC1000 family of microprocessor based controllers  combine a high degree of  functionality and reliability at a  very low price.
Available in 4 different formats : 1/16 DIN, 1/8 DIN, 3/16 DIN, 1/4 DIN.
These controllers are ideal for regulating  temperature in a variety of  applications, including :

  • Dryers.
  • Semiconductor packaging /testing.
  • Plastic processing.
  • Packaging machinery.
  • Painting and coating.
  • Climatic chambers.

The DC1000 family provides  basic control requirements, plus  advanced features such as motor  position control, phase angle  power control and Setpoint  programming.

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