Electromagnetic Flow Meters

We offer the Best quality Electromagnetic Flow Meter to cater various needs of Industry using Best Quality Raw material. Due to our expert and efficient technical team we are able to produce Best Quality Electromagnetic Flow Meter while keeping our Prices lower then the market.

Principal of Operation :

  • Based On Faraday's Law of Electromagnetic Induction
  • Practically No Moving Parts so Longer Life
  •  Coil Assembly in Hermetically sealed Welded Construction
  •  Local or Remote Display Option
  •  No Pressure Loss
  •  High Linearity due to Characteristic Magnetic Field
  •  Absolute Zero Stability and Noise Elimination
  •  Measurement Independent of Liquid Properties
  •  Field Interchangable Electronics
  •  Available in Line Size From DN 10 to DN 2000
  •  Based On Temperature Requirement Polyurethane / Neoprene / PTFE Lining
  •  Analog Output like 4-20 mA to connect to PLC or DCS
  •  Special Meters for Batching Controls
 Electromagnetic Flow Meters India