Smart Pressure Transmitters

Smart transmitter HART = Highway Addressable Remote Transducer-. is a communication protocol. A HART transmitter contains both a conventional analogue mA signal and a digital signal superimposed on top of the analogue signal. Since it also has the analogue signal, it is compatible with conventional installations.
Features :

• Choice of linear or square root output conformity is a simple configuration selection.
• Direct digital integration with Experion PKS and other control systems provides local measurement accuracy to the system level without adding typical A/D and D/A converter inaccuracies.
• Unique piezoresistive sensor automatically compensates input for temperature and static pressure. Added “smart” features include configuring lower and upper range values, simulating accurate analog output, and selecting preprogrammed engineering units for display.
• Smart transmitter capabilities with local or remote interfacing means significant manpower efficiency improvements in commissioning, start-up, and ongoing maintenance functions.