Smart Differential Pressure Transmitters

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter is microprocessor-based measuring instrument. With advanced microprocessor technology-enabled temperature and nonlinear compensation, Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter features higher measurement accuracy, better temperature characteristic, and stability and reliability. which is compatible with HART 475 field communicator, is used to measure the level, density, and pressure of liquid, gas, and steam, convert it to 4-20mAdc current signal outputs.


  • High level stability and precision
  • Excellet overload capacity
  • Enhanced self-diagnostic capacity
  • Independent Zero & Span Adjustment
  • Rugged construction for shock resistance
  • Digital compensation technology compensating for temperature and static pressure
  • No mechanical transmission parts, less maintenance to minimize downtime
  • Perfect local and remote set-up and calibration function

Smart Differential Pressure Transmitters  Smart Differential Pressure Transmitters