Microprocessor Based Signal Converter

Microprocessor based Controller is an ideal instrument for providing  indication as well as controlling set points to various processes. It is designed to accept various process inputs ( Current,  Voltage, RTD, Thermocouples, Resistances ) simultaneously i.e in UNIVERSAL manner or any one of these in PREDEFINED manner. When UNIVERSAL manner, The user can configure from the front keys to select any one of the input automatically.  The user can also configure to set the range of linear inputs or calibrate the instrument without openint it. This controller  can give maximum 4 relay outputs. All the contact output related specs like – SETPOINT, ALARM TYPE, HYSTERISIS –  can be configured easily by the front panel keys itself. Retransmission facility is of course provided with all possible configurations allowed by front keys as usual. The instrument can be optionally equipped with serial communication facility  to operate on MODBUS RTU protocols. Signle level password is there to keep the settings and configurations intact for the right user only.  Low drift precession components are used for long term accuracy of the instruments. All instruments undergo a burn-in for  better reliability.The instrument is available in different formats and sizes. Information regarding specification and size is  given below.